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Guardian Home Program

At Alforare our Labradors are part of our family. We want our labs to grow up in loving, caring family environments where they thrive on as much attention and affection as possible and because of this we are offering the opportunity for you to become a guardian home to one of our ‘pick of the litter’ puppies.

What is a Guardian Home?

A ‘Guardian Home’ is a person (or people) who agree to provide a forever home for one of our puppies whom raise and care for one of our dogs as a loved family pet while paying a fraction of the upfront cost, receiving successful litter remuneration and regular support.   


We utilise Guardian Homes to ensure that breeding dogs have happy, healthy lives as loved family pets.


The Guardian Home will have a contract with Alforare to keep the dog in good health and condition and aid with the breeding program. Once retired the Labrador will be sprayed at our expense and legal ownership is transferred to the Guardian Family.


Alforare will retain ALL breeding rights. We reserve the right to cancel our Guardian Home program at any time if we deem it is necessary.


Females will come to our house for mating, whelping and to raise their pups until they are 7- 8 weeks old. While she is with us you a welcome and encouraged to schedule visits and interact with her litter.  


Males placed in guardian homes must be able to be transported at any time with a few days’ notice to perform stud duties.


During the first year, we will have most of the dog’s genetic health testing completed. Once we receive the test results, we decide whether or not the guardian dog will enter our breeding program officially.  If it's decided that they will not be added to our program, the guardian family will be offered full ownership of the dog and will be spayed/neutered at the Alforare’s expense.

What are the costs involved?

To ensure both parties (Alforare and the Guardian Family) are invested in the Labradors wellbeing and the breeding process $1,000 is paid upon commencement.


Upon each successful litter the Guardian Family will be compensated $1,000 once the puppies go to their forever homes.


If for some reason we decide the dog is not suitable for a breeding program with Alforare, legal ownership will be transferred to the Guardian Family with no return of the initial $1,000.


As a Guardian Home you will be required to pay for the everyday expenses of owning a dog including annual exams, vaccines, food, tick and flea prevention, bedding, toys etc. We will cover the cost of breeding related expenses.

What are the requirements?

Becoming a Guardian Home for one of our puppies is not for everyone. You MUST be willing and able to meet these requirements:

  • Provide a dog proofed, fence yard

  • Provide a top quality, family life for the dog 

  • Ensure that the dog is well socialised with other people and dogs

  • Provide proper veterinary care, grooming, vaccinations, heart-worm preventative, flea and tick prevention

  • Ability to provide a quality diet, regulate diet where needed and regular exercise to ensure dog stays fit, and at a healthy weight

  • Ensure dog has basic obedience training i.e., commands such as sit, stay, Leave it etc

  • Ensure Alforare is notified of any health concerns

  • Ensure Alforare has full autonomy over breeding program and timing of mating.

  • Ensure access at all times to check health and living conditions requirements are being met.

  • Monitor, record and notify Alforare of cycle timing and details

  • Ensure a copy of all vet visit documentation is sent to us

  • Ensure dog is not mated with any unapproved dogs

  • Ensure all other dogs in the home are fixed if they are the opposite sex.

  • Ensure the return the dog when requested for mating, vet checks or any other reason. Dogs placed in guardian homes must be able to be transported at any time with a few days’ notice.

If you are interested in joining our small Guardian Home program, please contact us with your expression of interest by completing the application form below.

More information will be provided upon application.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Guardian Home Application Form

What is your preferred age and sex?
Do you have a fenced yard/ area for the dog?
Are you prepared to become a part of the Alforare Team by helping us provide an enritching living enviroment while maintaining the highest quality of health?
Are you willing to sign a contract with Alforare which details the terms of the Guardian Home Program?

Thanks for submitting!

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