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Labrador Puppies

At Alforare we only select the best bloodlines based on both confirmation and temperament to produce the healthiest and best looking puppies possible.

As each puppy has their own personality and varying activity levels, we spend a lot of time getting to know each and every one to ensure a successful match with their new family. For instance a quieter couple looking for a companion to join them in their home will be better with a calm and more reserved dog that is happy to just lay around and be with its owners. Where as an active individual or family may appreciate a more boisterous and spirited puppy to join them on their adventures.

All puppies are wormed every two weeks, then at 6 weeks they receive their first vaccination and microchip. . While they are raised in our own home they are well socialised with other dogs outside of their family unit and meet many different people. Being handled regularly desensatises puppies to human touch and raises their trust levels.

All puppies will be registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (AKNC) on the limited (pet) register and will come with their own pedigree papers showing their lineage for many generations.

Please feel free to contact me with expressions of interest or if you have any inquiries.

Current Litters

Current Litters
We are not expecting any litters until around April 2022.

Last litter

Razzy and Eddie had a  litter on the 26th March 2021.
Click on photos for individual profiles.

This is Razy's second litter and she has proven to be a very devoted & caring mother.

These puppies have had a brilliant start to life and are in great health. While some will be chosen to run on at ALFORARE, others will be looking for new homes as pets for $5,000 on the limited pedigree register with the ANKC. Providing they are in good health and eating independently they can leave for their new homes from the 21st May 2021.

If you are interested please email me a bit about yourself and home at or use the "Contact Us" feature on this site.





Past Litter Pictures

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