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Alforare Nala

Nala was the top pick from our first ever litter here at Alforare, Due to her low hip scores and exceptional pedigree she will play an important role in the future of our kennel. Nala is quite excitable and energetic when we play but is very gentle and just as happy to sit around and relax if that is all we are doing. She has a great temperament, gets along extremely well with other dogs and thrives on human interaction. 

Alforare Nala is an amazing chocolate bitch boasting a world class pedigree with lineage on her sires side from Chablais kennel located in Canada, Roughfield kennel in New Zealand and Lacote right here in Australia. Her sire Lacote Hefley is now owned by guide dogs Australia as one of their lead stud dogs due to his outstanding characteristics and temperament.


Her dam's Gundrift a Rare Geisha's lineage stems from the Bigsky kennels in USA, Roughfield kennel in New Zealand and most notably the Chablais kennel located in Canada where Her great grandfather Chablais John Kaffe​ was bred.

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